Fab15 in Two Cities in Egypt

This year, Fab 15 is taking place in two cities in Egypt, Cairo and El Gouna by the Red Sea.

The main conference will be in El Gouna from July 28th till August 2nd.

We will head back to Cairo from El Gouna on August 2nd in the afternoon.

** The fab festival, closing ceremony and Fab lab tours will be in Cairo August 3rd and 4th.

El Gouna has several amazing beaches and activities. El Gouna is also one hour away by plane from Luxor, although it might be hot in the summer, a city with a lot of ancient Egyptian temples and historic sites. Beside the rich Egyptian culture and food, the Fab15 community will enjoy a unique experience in Cairo’s great historical sites including the Pyramids, Sphynx and the Fatimi streets.

**Fab15 will provide pre-arranged transportation from Cairo to El Gouna & El Gouna to Cairo. Transportation tickets are sold separately and will be available soon.

When & Where

July 28 - August 2 | ElGouna, Red Sea
August 3 - August 4 | Cairo

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#Collectively Independent

The theme of Fab15 is “Collectively Independent.” We will look at how we can enable each other as a community of individual makers, Fab labs and cities around the world to become independent. .


As the global fab ecosystem grows every year, we will discuss in Fab15 how individuals, communities and economies could leverage that growth. How this system shapes societies and enrich entrepreneurship? How to face the societal and governance challenges?

Towards 4.0

Building on both the digital revolutions and the industrial revolutions, we envision in Fab15 the future scenarios of 4.0.

Fab City

The Fab City global initiative is a movement of development and change towards a more sustainable future for cities. How can we create an urban transition towards locally productive and globally connected cities?

Design Sensing

How could creative modes of production such as digital fabrication machines, and the spaces they occupy, enrich arts, crafts and heritage? And how these technologies enable users to create human-centered products, tools, and assistive technologies?

Making to Learn

whether its is learning to make or making to learn, how Fab labs could be used to foster both informal and formal education methodologies and processes?

Collectively Independent Themes:

- Interdependence
- Towards 4.0
- Fab City
- Design Sensing
- Making to Learn

Meet our Speakers

Speaker 1

Neil Gershenfeld

Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms

Speaker 2

Sherry Lassiter

President and CEO of Fab Foundation

Speaker 3

Tomas Diaz

Fab Lab Barcelona Director / Fab City Global Instigator / MDEF Director / Board of Trustees Member

Speaker 3

More speakers will be announced soon

Event Schedule

July 28 - August 1 | ElGouna, Red Sea

August 2 - August 4 | Cairo

More details

Monday, July 28 (ElGouna): FAB Conference
Tuesday, July 29 (ElGouna): FAB Conference
Wednesday, July 30 (ElGouna): FAB Conference
Thursday, July 31 (ElGouna): FAB Conference
Friday, August 1 (ElGouna): FAB Conference
Saturday, August 2 (Downtown Cairo): FAB Conference and Travel to Cairo
Sunday, August 3 (Downtown Cairo): FAB Festival
Monday, August 4 (Downtown Cairo): Fab Lab Tours, Graduation Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

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  • **Fab15 will provide pre-arranged transportation from Cairo to ElGouna & ElGouna to Cairo. Transportation tickets are sold separately and will be available soon.

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