Speaker 1

Neil Gershenfeld

Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms

Speaker 2

Sherry Lassiter

President and CEO of Fab Foundation

Speaker 3

Tomas Diez

Fab Lab Barcelona Director / Fab City Global Instigator / MDEF Director / Board of Trustees Member

Speaker 3

Arlene Mulder

Co-Founder & Director at WeThinkCode

Speaker 3

Rohaan Goswami

COO, Director of Product at YCenter

Speaker 3

Joseph Choma

Founder of the Design Topology Lab

Speaker 3

Moushira Elamrawy

Creative Technologist

Speaker 3

Christopher Maurer

Founder, Principal Architect at Redhouse Studio

Speaker 3

Changyu Diao

Archaeological Computer Science Researcher of Zhejiang University of China and visiting fellow of Harvard University.

Speaker 3

Vetumbuavi Mungunda

Executive of Standard Bank Namibia

Speaker 3

Kiringai Kamau

Executive Director of GODAN’s P4CDA, Founding Executive Director Ycenter Africa

Speaker 3

Ayah Bdeir

Founder and CEO of littleBits

Speaker 3

Ben Lakey & Nathan Macabuag

Mitt Wearables Co-Founder

Speaker 3

Zhirong LI

Archaeological Researcher of Zhejiang University of China

More speakers will be announced soon