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Each year members of the more than 1,600 worldwide Fab Labs gather to share, discuss, collaborate and create communities around the different local and global interests regarding digital manufacturing, innovation and technology. This international event gathers both field practitioners and laboratory researchers for a week of panels, talks, hands-on workshops on the principles and applications of digital fabrication.

Fab15 in Two Cities in Egypt

This year, Fab15 is taking place in two cities in Egypt, ElGouna by the Red Sea and Cairo. Fab15 will provide pre-arranged transportation from Cairo to El Gouna and El Gouna to Cairo. Transportation tickets are sold separately and are available now to purchase.

The main conference will be in ElGouna from July 28th till August 2nd. The graduation ceremony will be held on the August 1st in ElGouna. Then, we will head back to Cairo on the afternoon of August 2nd. The fab festival, fab lab tours, and closing ceremony will take place in Cairo on August 3rd and 4th.

Fab15 will offer you the chance to explore the diversity of the Egyptian culture and Egypt's magnificent splendor. During your stay, you will be able to visit some of the most historic sites, enjoy some of the world's most famous beaches and try the local rich cuisine.

When & Where

July 28 - August 2 | ElGouna, Red Sea

August 3 - August 4 | Cairo

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Collectively Independent

In its 15th round, and under the title “Collectively Independent” Fab15 will be held to build strategic alliances to promote the inclusion of marginalized groups, and the transfer of knowledge and best practices that empower communities to solve their own problems.

We will look at how we can enable each other as a community of individual makers, Fab labs and cities around the world to become the catalysts of our own lives by innovating.

Entrepreneurship for Growth
As the global fab ecosystem grows every year, we will discuss how individuals, communities and economies could leverage that growth in creating shared value. Fab15 will examine how the concept of Creating Shared Value can foster entrepreneurship, create jobs, impact economies and societies as whole.
Design for Change
Fab15 looks into the creative modes of production such as digital fabrication machines, and the spaces they occupy, as well as their role in enriching arts and crafts and preserving cultural heritage. It also examines the concept of sustainable design to create human-centered products, tools, and assistive technologies.
Towards 4.0
Building on both the digital revolutions and the industrial revolutions, we envision in Fab15 the future scenarios of lab 2.0 towards industry 4.0.
Fab City
The Fab City global initiative is a movement of development and change towards a more sustainable future for cities. Fab15 will examine urban transition towards locally productive and globally connected cities.
Making to Learn
Whether it is learning to make or making to learn, Fab15 examines how Fab labs could be used to foster both informal and formal education methodologies and processes.
Meet our speakers
More speakers will be announced soon!
July 28 - August 2 | ElGouna, Red Sea
August 3 - August 4 | Cairo
Sunday, July 28
Arrive to ElGouna
Welcome party
Monday, July 29
FAB Conference ElGouna
Tuesday, July 30
FAB Conference ElGouna
Wednesday, July 31
FAB Conference ElGouna
Thursday, August 1
FAB Conference
Graduation Ceremony
Friday, August 2
FAB Conference
Travel to Cairo
Saturday, August 3
FAB Festivale
Closing Ceremony
Downtown Cairo
Sunday, August 4
Fab Lab Tours Downtown Cairo
Things to do in Egypt

Here are some places and activities you can choose from during your visit to Egypt


El Gouna and Hurghada




Dahab and Nuweiba

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Many Fab Academy and Fabricademy students won't be able to attend their graduation at FAB15 because of distance and lack of resources. Let's do something to help them come!


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