Travel information

There will be three tours available daily before and after the Fab15 conference: starting July 24th until July 26th and again from August 5th until August 9th. You can only book one tour per day. All tours will start at 9 a.m., and the transportation available will be a Toyota HiAce minivan.

The pick up location will be based on hotels’ locations; hence, will be determined after booking your accommodation.

The cost for each tour includes: entrance ticket, transportation, and tour guide compensation.

To book your tour(s), kindly send an email to , or call through telephone: +227360181 , or mobile: +201280222683 stating: your name, tour name, and date preference.

Deadline for booking your tour(s) is June 30th

First Tour
Giza Pyramids & Egyptian Museum

This tour costs $39/person

1- Giza Pyramids - Duration: 3 Hours

The last remaining wonder of the ancient world! For nearly 4000 years, the Pyramids of Giza have amazed people all around the world and raised many questions as to how they were built and who built them? During a 3-hours tour, you will get to visit the awe-inspiring Pyramids and the Great Sphinx, believed to be an astronomical clock.

2- Egyptian Museum - Duration: 2 Hours

No Egypt tour is complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Egyptian Museum holds over 120,000 artefacts from mummies and sarcophagi, to pottery, jewellery, and King Tutankhamun’s treasures. On your 2-hours tour, you will get to explore 15,000 sq. meters of Ancient Egypt’s historic treasures.

Second Tour
Museum of Islamic Art & Salah El Din Citadel Citadel

This tour costs $36/person

1- Museum of Islamic Art - Duration: 1 Hour

The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo is considered one of Egypt’s most curated museums. It is home to one of the finest Islamic art collections in the world. The collection includes rare manuscripts of the Qur'an, with some calligraphy written in silver ink on pages with elaborate borders. Exceptional works showcased include artefacts of rare woodwork, plaster, metal, ceramic, crystal, glass, and textiles from different periods from all around the globe. The museum showcases about 4,500 artefacts, which is only a fraction of the amount of artefacts it owns.

2- Salah El Din Citadel - Duration: 2 Hours

The Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a medieval Islamic fortification commissioned by Salah El Din El Ayouby, also known as Saladin, founder of the Ayyubid Caliphate and completed in 1183. It is located in the Mokattam area in Cairo and is part of Historic Islamic Cairo. The Citadel was built to act as a fortification against threats of invasion by the Crusaders, and later on it became the seat of the government. Since then, the Citadel has always played a major political role and protected Egypt against a number of attacks.

Third Tour
Khan El-Khalili & El-Moez Street

This tour costs $40/person

1- Khan El-Khalili Duration: 1 Hour

Step back in time to medieval Cairo with a visit to Khan El-Khalili - the major bazar district in the historic center of Islamic Cairo. Stroll through the various alleys of the market to see a variety of goods from silverware, gold accessories and bronze artifacts to souvenirs, spices, handmade accessories and carpets. A trip to Khan El-Khalili will not be complete without visiting one of Cairo’s oldest cafes dating back to 1797, El Fishawi cafe, which is also one of Naguib Mahfouz’s favorite cafes.

2- El-Moez Street: Duration 2 Hours

El-Moez Street dates back to the Fatimid period. Walking along the 1 km long street, you will discover amazing Islamic medieval architecture. The trip begins from Al Azhar Mosque, then continues on to Bab Zuweila, a medieval gate still standing in modern day Cairo! El Moez Street also houses thousands of workshops for craftsmen making wares to be sold in Khan El-Khalili. The walk then takes you to Al Hakim Mosque, Bab al-Fetouh and Bab al-Nasr. From there you continue on to Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, Al-Rifa'i Mosque, next to Mosque of Ibn Tulun, ending in Khan El Khalili.

Tours outside cairo
Deadline for booking is 30th of June
To book send an email on
Or call: Telephone: +2 27360181 / Mobile: +201280222683
Aswan City

Given its beautiful scenery along the Nile River and significant archaeological sites, Aswan is a must visit destination in Egypt! It is home to Philae Temple, Aga Khan Mausoleum, Elephantine Island, the Nubian Museum, and the High Dam. It is also around 3.5 hours away from the Abu Simbel Temple Complex.

Luxor City

Luxor, originally called Thebes in ancient Egypt and considered the Pharaoh's capital at the height of their power, is known as the world’s greatest open air museum. It is home to the Karnak and Luxor Temples, as well as many other major monuments. On the west bank of the river, you’ll get to visit the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens as well.

Aswan Nile Cruise Tour

Starting from Aswan – 3 Nights (Full board)
Standard Room: $40/Person/Night total of $120 for 3 Nights in a double room
Deluxe Room: $55/Person/Night total of $165 for 3 Nights in double room
Excursions: Aswan Dam – Philae (USD 125) There is a cruise every Friday & Wednesday

Luxor Nile Cruise Tour

Starting from Luxor – 4 Nights (Full board)
- Standard Room: $40/person/Night total of $160 for 4 nights in a double room
- Deluxe Room $55/person/Night total of $220 in a double room.
Valley of the Kings – Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut (USD 125) There is a cruise every Saturday & Monday