Travel information

Though Egypt has always been an extremely safe destination, with the number of isolated incidents as of late, we are taking additional security measures during Fab15 to ensure that everyone is safe. In addition to the national tourist police forces, a security company will be on-board to secure the conference at all times.

Security personnel will be placed at the entries and exits of the venues, and spread all throughout the conference grounds to ensure the security of all the participants.

Regarding the transportation to and from ElGouna, there is ample security forces in all Egyptian airports. For those opting for the bus as means of transportation to the Fab Conference, authorities will be advised and alerted to have national tourist police forces accompany the buses in addition to the private security onboard.

All hotels have their own private security staff, as well as officers who are present at all times from the national tourist police.

Moreover, our team of local volunteers will be available to help you navigate different areas of interest you would like to visit whether as part of a group or alone.