Speaker 1

Kiringai Kamau

Kiringai, an agricultural economist and social entrepreneur, promotes capacity building at the nexus of ICT and Agriculture. With a focus on policy formulation he promotes value chain driven, ICT inspired design thinking to support institutional through ICTs for Agriculture. He is also an Executive Director of GODAN’s Programme for Capacity Development in Africa (P4CDA) and the Founding Executive Director for Ycenter Africa, an American Corporate keen in transforming learning through Human Centered Design thinking. He combines the strengths from these organizations to support open data thinking among sectoral actors in academia, policy, implementation and actors in the development and research spaces.

He champions the role of open data in promoting data centered, student led, agricultural sector transformation to create farmer based, farmer-owned agribusiness hubs that provide a future focused dynamic for intra-country rooted economic transformation. He is also the leader of the Capacity Building Sub-Committee of the Global Open Data on Agriculture and Nutrition, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. Kiringai promotes collaboration with like-minded professionals from Africa and globally, in the data value chain subsector, to create ecosystems for evidence based decision making across sectors.

He is a practicing consultant, infusing practical value chain analysis, a knowledge management, within his practice of agricultural economics. To anchor his work in practice, he is a farmer integrating a focus on Value Chain driven agriculture, using his value chain ICT4D/ICT4Ag Agribusiness, Incubation, Technologies and Extension (aiTex) Hubs perspective. He has been the Global Telecentre Network Agribusiness Expert for Telecenter.org and has for many years practiced mentoring in small business development, and a collaborative researcher on the impacts of farmer owned agribusinesses to wealth creation. He combines both macro and micro integration of development in sustainable agricultural thinking through food systems driven ICT4D and ICT4Ag.